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Monday, October 9

Teaching Kids About Herbs : Cinnamon

October brings pumpkin, spice, and everything autumn...including Cinnamon!

Just the Facts
  • Plant Description : Cinnamon trees have thick, oval leaves and small yellow flowers.  They may also have berries.  The bark of the shoots is the part that we use, and may appear gray or brown.
  • Parts to use : Dried inner bark
  • Used primarily for : Cold / flu, indigestion, stomachache, blood sugar control
  • You can make : Tea, food spice, oil, cider, tincture

  • Cinnamon Honey : Mix 1 cup cinnamon with 2 cups honey to form a paste.  (If it’s too runny, add more powder; too dry, add honey.)  Take 1 tsp daily for general health, or ½ tsp four times daily until illness fades.
  • Cinnamon Tea : Mix 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp cardamom seeds together.  Pour hot water over the mixture and steep 20 minutes.  Strain out herbs and add honey, as needed, to taste.  This will warm you up quickly!
  • Cider : Put 4 cups apple juice into a pot.  Add 4 cinnamon sticks, 2 cloves, 2 tsp orange peel, and 1 tsp allspice.  Simmer 30 minutes and cool to desired temperature.  Enjoy!

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