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Thursday, October 12

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 20+ Sparkling Diwali Crafts for Families
Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is one of the largest Hindu festivals, lasting for five days. Choose one or several crafts for each day of this special occasion. Spending time with the family will brighten up your day and your home when you make these sparkling Diwali crafts.
1. Rangoli Designed T-shirt - Rangoli is an art pattern used by Hindu cultures during Diwali to bring good luck to families. Traditionally, these designs are made from colored rice and flour on the floors of Hindu homes. For this project, use permanent ink and sequins on a blank t-shirt. You can create your own DIY Rangoli stencil with a Styrofoam plate. Create matching t-shirts for the whole family.
2. Indian Inspired Stamps - Browse several designs and patterns used in the Indian culture. Using a hot glue gun, create several Indian inspired designs on a piece of cardboard or a block of wood. Dip it into colorful or glittery ink to use it as a stamp. Hands can also be stamped like a faux Henna tattoo.
3. Salt Dough Diya - This blogger has created the perfect salt dough recipe for your family to use while making your tea light candle, holding Diya. Once they dry, use paint, glitter and sequins to decorate in true Diwali fashion.
4. Ceramic Hand Dish - Using air dry clay, you and the family can create stunning dishes using your hands. These mimic the mid-century Hindu design and make a cute keepsake. You can add beads and sequins before the clay dries. After it dries, paint them your favorite colors.
5. Pistachio Shell Candle Holder - These candle holders are a lovely addition to any of your table top décor for Diwali. A little card board, pistachio shells, hot glue and gold spray paint transform into a beautiful candle holder that is sure to be hit with your older kids.
6. Decorated Thali Plates - This craft is easy to accomplish and represents the tradition of perfectly balancing the six flavors of an Indian meal. To recreate your own Thali (silver platter of food), you can use silver dollar store plates and decorate them with sequin stickers and doilies.
7. Firecracker Cards - This simple craft is a great way for the kids to include family that may live too far away to celebrate in person. Take blank cards and let the kids design their own Diwali fire crackers for the outside of the card. Use glitter pens and stickers for minimal cleanup.
8. Festival Gift Box - You can find plain cardboard gift boxes at dollar stores and craft shops. Have fun gluing swirly designs or the shapes of special animals in the Indian culture. This blogger has an elephant as the centerpiece of her gift box.  Glitter, jewels and sequins are great for filling in the designs made by your child. Fill it with treats for the family.
9. Dandiya Sticks with Bling - This blog shows how your family can give an upgrade to your Dandiya sticks for ultimate festival fun and dance. Wrap the sticks in golden ribbon and the decorative appliqué of your choice. At the end of this tutorial, there is an option to add a peacock feather to the stick that is wrapped in purple, green and blue ribbon.
10. Diwali Lanterns - This simple craft is easy for smaller children but leaves you with big results. Small and large lanterns can be made, depending on the size of paper that is used. For sturdier lanterns, use a poster board.  After cutting slits into the paper, glue together so that both sides meet. Add glitter and rhinestones to the exterior. Battery operated tea light candles can be used for the inside of the lantern.
11. Shubh Labh Hangings - The bells of Shubh, meaning “goodness,” and Labh, meaning “benefit,” are meant to bring your home good luck. Typically, you would see a hanging made completely out of brass. For your project, any colors and variety of bling can be used for the hanging.
In this tutorial, the foundation of the hanger is a small square mirror. Added to the mirror are beads and dangles. This blogger also uses stickers with the names of Shubh and Labh written in Hindi.
12. Painted Votives - This craft will keep the family busy for hours. Grab a bag full of votive candles, paint and glitter pens. Paint the tops of the candles in the colors of your choice. Once they dry, you can add festive designs onto the votives with the glitter pens. This is sure to get everyone in the festive spirit.
13. Milk Bottle Elephant - The Hindi deity Ganesh appears in the form of the elephant and represents wisdom. This milk jug tutorial is a fun way to celebrate wisdom and recycling in your home. Cut the bottom out of the container and use the handle as the trunk of the elephant. You will need paint, rhinestones, googly eyes and stickers to bring your Hindi elephant to life.
14. Flower Lights - The end result of the project leaves you with a simply radiant garland of flowers that can be hung on door frames and laid across countertops. Cupcake holders are cut into flowery designs and then layered over each individual light on a strand of Christmas lights. It is that easy and looks gorgeous.
15. Mandala Stones - Lay out a table cloth and set aside some time to paint stones with the kids. You can buy stones from a craft store or go for a walk and hunt out your own. You will need a fine-tipped paint brush and paint. There is a variety of Mandala patterns that you can copy onto your stones. These can also be used in your Rangoli once they dry!
16. Colored Salt for Rangoli - Creating your very own Rangoli is always a fun aspect of the Diwali celebration. Creating the colorful supplies you need for the Rangoli is part of that fun. Use a mixture of paint and salt to create a vibrant looking substance. Glue your pattern onto a paper plate and then add the colorful salt.
17. Samosas and Chutney - Invite friends over for an authentic Indian snack. Won Ton Wrappers are an easy way to get started with your Samosas. Fill them up and ask an adult to do the frying. Use your Chutney recipe as a dip for the Samosas.
18. Henna Hands - We have all seen the beautiful and intricate Henna tattoos. These are usually used during Indian festivals and weddings. Henna ink is made from crushed dried leaves.
You may want to try your own henna tattooing on the skin. If you want a less messy version for smaller kids, cut out hand prints and let them draw their own designs on the cut outs.
19. Doodh Peda - Use the recipe given in this tutorial to create a sweet Indian treat. This cookie-like dessert can be dressed up with sprinkles for this festive time of year. Lay these out on your Thali for little hands to grab throughout the evening.
20. Paper Cup Mango Hanger - Cut the rims off paper cups and cut leafy pattern into the sides. Paint the remainder of the cup green and then decorate with sparkle glue. Line the top of the cup with gold ribbon and beads. Stagger several of these onto a golden thread for a really cute Diwali hanger.
21. CD Scratch-Off Art - Repurpose your old CDs and DVDs to create votive candle holders or to use as decoration around the house. By painting the CD, you can scratch it off into your own Rangoli design. Add rhinestones and sticky beads along your design for a very pretty outcome.
Jordan loves miniature dolls houses, beaded jewelry, and spending time with her family. Creating crafts and memories is a family tradition she is instilling in her daughters. Sharing her crafts by blogging is new to her but something she is really enjoying!!!
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