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Friday, August 11

Patterns of Evidence & Giveaway

Film Summary
“Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” is an award-winning documentary by filmmaker Timothy Mahoney that chronicles an in-depth archaeological investigation in Egypt as his team attempts to corroborate the biblical text. The film explores one fundamental question: Is there evidence that the Exodus story actually happened? Twelve years in the making, this provocative documentary reveals new or rarely seen evidence regarding the Israelites’ descent into slavery, their exodus from Egypt and their ultimate conquest of the Promise Land. Are the stories relived in the Passover celebration based on real history or not? Although many scholars and archaeologists deny the validity of the Exodus story for lack of proof, “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” builds a case that sheds new light on the story.

Our Thoughts
So, y'all know we're a music family...and the first thing I want to say is that the soundtrack rocked!  As far as documentaries go (which, I guess, isn't much of a scale, huh?), The Budapest Film Orchestra did a great job of building suspense and using crescendos and silence at just the right spots.

Beyond that, the film was a little fuzzy for me.  We were pretty into the whole ancient history timeline aspect of it, especially since the kids are fascinated by ancient Egypt, but it was just all a bit muddled.  There are three timelines discussed in the film, and they overlap and it's easy to confuse them.  I wouldn't be wrong in saying that all my kids really got from this film was footage of Egypt and some (at times, conflicting) information about the ancient Egyptians.  As parents, we struggled to follow it, too.  After exploring all the 'evidence' offered up, and delving into all three timelines and how the events match up to them, they even go as far as to question whether the Exodus even occurred or not.  At that point, I was ready to throw up my hands.  After all, what had the past two hours just been about?

It's a family-friendly film, in that there's nothing that will be offensive, but unless you're just super into Biblical history and debating the nuances of scripture, this may not be the film for you.  If your kids are into ancient history and Egypt (as our's are), then the background is cool and it's a film worth watching once...maybe while playing Legos on the floor at the same time.  There are some pretty neat archaeological artifacts presented, and a lot of debate over the Egyptian kings and the records they kept, too.

While I'm always up for a debate, Biblical or otherwise, I found the 'logic' of this film to be impossible to follow.  As you can probably tell, this is an honest review, and all opinions are my own.  😐

Notes about the film
  • The movie won 13 awards on the film festival circuit in 2014, including a Gold Remi Award winner for Best Director at the Worldfest Houston Intl. Film Festival, the Gold Crown Award for Best Picture and Best Documentary at ICVM 2014, and Official Selection at the Soho International Film Festival in New York.
  • Supplemental resources associated with the film include a nearly 400-page hardcover book, small group Bible study, Movie Event kit, youth version (called Young Explorers), homeschool curriculum and others.
  • The dvd includes powerful interviews with some of the top experts in the fields of archaeology and Egyptology as well as people of influence in the Middle East. 
  • The film has an objective, fair-minded and balanced approach. It allows viewpoints from all sides to be heard in a respectful way while asking honest questions of the Bible and scholars’ views. It does not preach and lets the evidence speak for itself. This allows the film to be very shareable with those of different viewpoints.

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