Wednesday, May 10

Post War Dream (Pink Floyd)

Y'all know just how airplane-crazy our little one when given the option of where he wanted to spend his special day, naturally he chose the Tulsa Air & Space Museum!  If you haven't gotten over to this hidden gem by the Tulsa Airport, you're in for a treat!  (Scroll down for unit.)
In the back of the museum is a big section about how the pilots and workers from Tulsa helped with wartime efforts - including this bit on "Tulsamerican" and "Tulsa Joe."  It's always interesting to see your town in history...
While all aspects of aviation, from its inception all the way up to the space program, are included in the museum, he is really into WWII planes right now, thanks to his Tales of the RAF series, so we focused on this section of the museum.
We counted the number of bombs dropped by the 765th, and how they affected the Japanese fleet....and I think I just found a new tactic for math class!
It was the planes themselves, though, and all of the hands-on exhibits, that really stole his heart!  He helped launch the space shuttle....flew a fighter plane....flew a hot air balloon...and learned how to operate the controls inside a Cessna.  One happy little pilot!

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