Tuesday, April 25

The Scientist (Coldplay)

Life-sized checkers, chess, and light brite (as shown above) are just some of the fantastic hands-on resources we played with today!!
When most people think of special needs, they think of struggling learners.  However, there is a completely different spectrum of special needs, more commonly referred to as 'gifted and talented.'  These kids require a level of parenting similar to that of struggling learners, if we're going to help them reach their full potential.  I have one of each, and it's just as challenging to meet both of their needs.

The big one recently toured a special school for gifted students, looking to see if it was something he wanted to attend, and it was the most amazing thing to watch him come alive, and out of his shell, the further and further we went along the tour.  It's difficult to continually find new ways to challenge his thirst for science exploration....some days...we just have to go to the museum and let those folks do what they're best at...
The new Curio-City section of the museum is awesome!  I can't even begin to put into words the collection of exhibits they have in this huge Walmart-sized center of the building.  If you go for no other reason than to visit this area, your trip will have been worth the while.  The gist of it is that it's set up like a city, and each building is a new exhibit.  We're playing around at the radio and television stations in these photos...
Since there weren't a lot of people in the Tinkering Studio, the guys that worked there let them come behind the scenes and learn how to use the laser printer.  They got to design these cute bats on the computer program, and then watched them being laser cut by the machine.  Then, they got to take them home!  Of course, on the way home I had to explain why we couldn't get our own laser printer...
The little one doesn't care so much for things that go boom, so while the big one attended a Live Science show (they're free), we explored the art section and took a flight in the space capsule.  I'd like to add that this photo was snapped about a second before he freaked out.....if you have a child with sensory issues, please be aware when putting him / her inside the capsule!
In the space area, you can try your hand at driving the moon rover or docking with the space station.  It's tougher than you think!
Finally, what trip to the science museum would be complete without a spin on the little scooter thingy and a visit to the dinosaur section??  If you live in Oklahoma, make sure to schedule a field trip here this year.  If you're elsewhere, do take advantage of the hands-on exhibits and museum employees' expertise to supplement subject that your child is interested in.....especially when (like myself) they are not your strong suits!

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