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Thursday, April 13

Teaching Kids About Herbs : Dandelion

 April is all about the dandelions!!  See those yellow things popping up everywhere?  Mother Nature is giving us her best detox!

Just the Facts
  • Plant Description : Dandelion has jagged green leaves and yellow flowers that turn to fluffy, white seed heads.  You can find them growing all over fields and between sidewalk cracks.
  • Parts to use : Leaves and root
  • Used primarily for : Anemia, stomachache, acne, general detox / cleansing
  • You can make : Tea, capsule, tincture

  • Acne Help : Simmer 1 tsp dandelion root and ½ tsp chicory root in 1 cup boiling water.  Steep, strain, and drink to your health!  Seriously.  (This ‘coffee’ helps to clean out your liver.)  As you detox and cleanse your body, your skin will begin to brighten and clear up.  You’ll also feel more energetic.
  • Dandelion Tea : Using roasted dandelion root, add 2 tsp powder to 1 cup water.  Simmer 15 minutes, strain, and drink.  Drink one to two glasses each day as part of a cleansing regiment.  This also helps with digestion.

Do it Yourself!
  • DIY Resources :  Use the hardware resources listed here, along with dried dandelion and chicory root.
  • Not ready to DIY? :   Try the Dandelion Tea or Dandelion Extract.
  • Fun Bonus : Just as we spring clean our house, it’s a good idea to spring clean our bodies.  Dandelions tend to pop up in the spring, and this is a great time to make and use the tincture to ‘clean out’ all those goodies we’ve consumed since the first Halloween party…
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