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Monday, April 17

Five Days of Roadschooling : Day 1

Start Small
You've probably heard of road-schooling, or families who travel while homeschooling their kids, but maybe you're daunted by the thought of hitting the road full-time.  No worries!  

With high fuel costs, general unrest in the world, and little to no vacation time from work, many families are choosing to take staycations.  With a bit of imagination, you can have an enjoyable time close to just have to approach your town like a tourist.  

Do some research - ask yourself "If I were just stumbling upon this area, what would I want to do?"  You can find something fun to do everywhere....even in the middle of nowhere.  Trust me.  😉 

We've broken down all of our trips by region (United States), to help take some of the research out of your equation.  Try to plan at least one staycation this summer - once you've gotten your feet wet, you'll want more!
  • Pack the car with five days worth of clothes (well, at least five days worth of underwear)
  • Toss in some snacks, road tunes, and an audiobook
  • Find an initial destination from the list below....start driving in that direction
    • If you see something that looks like fun, take a detour!
    • Find a hotel - spend the night - start over again on day 2
  • Take detours and explore on day 2
    • Find a hotel - spend the night - start heading home on day 3
  • You might make it home on day 3, or it might be on day 4
Admittedly, if you're Type-A, this might be difficult for you, but at least try.  Pack some extra undies and a first aid kit, if it makes you feel better!

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