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Thursday, February 16

Upcycling with Chick-fil-A

As the weather warms up each spring, we start looking more toward plants and plant studies.  In years past, we've done extensive Plant & Plant Anatomy studies and worked on Gardening Basics, as well as made Easy Raised Gardening Beds.  This year, we decided to use some of our sprouting seeds to test a theory we saw about coffee grounds...
We took two soup containers from a visit to Chick-fil-A and upcycled them into small window planters for seedlings.  In one of the planters, we put regular soil from outside.  In the second, we put used coffee grounds.  We had read that growing plants with coffee grounds will produce stronger, more vibrant plants.  (All that caffeine?)  In retrospect, we should have had a third container with a mixture of soil and coffee grounds.  You live, you learn...
We started broccoli and radish sprouting seeds in these planters, placed them in the window and made sure that they had equal light and water.  After a week, we began to notice growth in each of the planters.  After two weeks, we are noticing much larger differences in growth.  The coffee ground seeds have given up the fight, while the ones in soil are still fighting for survival.  The next time we go to Chick-fil-A, we'll need to get three thingys of soup so that we can make a mixed pot and compare all three!

Have you ever grown plants with coffee grounds?  What did you experience?  Let us know!

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