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Wednesday, February 8

Love (Sugarland)

Wouldn't this just make you want to stop and see what's up?  I mean...really.  That's one big piece of tail sticking out of there...   This is the Flight Museum, sponsored by and dedicated to Southwest Airlines, over at the Dallas Lovefield Airport.  Check out the museum here!

We see no need to reinvent the wheel, so you can find our (very) comprehensive Aviation Unit Study over here!! 
There's a training aircraft right smack in the middle of the museum, where you'll learn about the four forces of flight.  Also, the various instrument panels are designed to teach you the basics of instrument flight reading.  It's at an elementary child's level...both educationally and height-wise.
There are several different rooms dedicated to various eras of flight, including :  the Wright Brothers, ancient flight (think DaVinci), the World Wars, Vietnam, space exploration, and the future of flight.  We were so engrossed that we didn't take many pictures, but the family enjoyed learning how to spot various WWII aircraft and read aerial maps.
The strangest plane we saw was this V-173 Flying Pancake.  It's just a strange-looking beast, but it was designed with a purpose.....just like each of us was designed with a purpose!
After 'checking in,' we boarded the airplane for a private flight!
Unlike most post-911 flights, you can actually check out the cockpit on this flight!  Most of the seats are removed and have been replaced with information on how the Boeing is constructed and the history of the jet.  However, there are still a few spots left to rest in. times we got a bit distracted.  The kids had just as much fun pretending to be on an airplane as they did looking at the planes.  And this little guy?  Oh, pobrecito!  We found a dead lizard inside one of the maps, and had to spend a good ten minutes inspecting him....
En route from Dallas to our next location, we popped into the Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo.  If you eat a 72oz steak there, in less than an hour, you get it for free!  All I have to say is....ugh.  Just the thought...   But look how pretty their Christmas decorations are!!!

Catch ya' on the next train!!!
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