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Schoolhouse Teachers Review

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SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review
SchoolhouseTeachers.com is the homeschooler's online educational resource site.  It’s your one-stop helper-shop, with aids such as: printables, daily lessons, lapbooks, free e-books, and conference recordings on various homeschool topics prepared by recognized homeschool leaders.  You have access to daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly lesson plans by some of the best from within the homeschooling community.  Homeschool moms, you finally get a teacher’s aide with Schoolhouse Teachers!

If that weren’t enough, there are some seriously cool bonuses to having a Yearly Membership. They provide you with multiple printable planners, a free membership to World Book Library (e-books), Right Start Media access (streamable movies, such as Drive Through History), and access to the Applecore recordkeeping system.
There are sections on homemaking, homeschool living, monthly menu plans, and discounts for a multitude of vendors–there’s even a section just for craft ideas for the kids!  All of The Old Schoolhouse magazine back issues are online well, so that you can access the information as it becomes relevant to your school.  

Entire pages are dedicated to parenting special needs, preschoolers, high schoolers, and focused learning centers (new ideas for teaching struggling learners).  The Monthly Menu page offers up an entire month of seasonally-appropriate recipes for each month of the year.  While only a few are currently available, there are printable lesson plans for courses (they are currently working to get more up) that help you keep track of lesson completion.  They also offer a handy checklist that shows which courses are appropriate for each grade level.

The site includes both online and downloadable components – courses such as Lapbooking, Figures in History, and Literature are downloadable and printable in nature, whereas Family Fitness, Guitar, and Friendly Chemistry are best completed online.
  • There are over 300 courses taught by outstanding teachers. Courses vary in length from a few weeks to a full year or more, and there is something for every member of the family.
  • One membership covers every class on the site for your entire family, from preschool to high school, and beyond.
  • Classes are not live, so you can start ANY time!
  • Options are available for co-op or group use.
  • Try it FREE for 30 days here when you register for a free Welcome Basket.
  • Join for $12.95 each month.
  • Save over 10% on a one-year membership, just $139.
  • There are no per-class or per-child fees and you can cancel anytime.
I found the site simple and easy to navigate.  Since I was trying out this site in the weeks just before Christmas, I spent some time looking for holiday and winter specific lessons – and there were quite a few!  After a few minutes of searching around, I stumbled upon the Christmas Corner, where someone had already done the searching for me.  Very convenient!  They also have an Easter Corner, Summer Corner, and Fall / Thanksgiving Corner.

One thing that caught my eye was under the Freebies section, where you could print off an entire spelling unit that was Christmas-themed.   Here is a sampling of what I was able to find in less than three minutes, to plan out an entire week that included lessons for all of my students:
  • The Gift of the Magi, by O’Henry (complete story & Lapbooking unit)
  • Christmas Architecture (Architecture)
  • Christmas-themed prompts in Everyday Copywork
  • Rest Ye Merry (Simply Shakespeare)
  • Gifts & Winter – several cross-curricular winter activities
  • Tree of Jesse – Everyday Easels cross-curricular unit for several age groups
  • Winter Snowman Scene – crafty section
  • Joy to the World (Violin)
  • History of the Christmas Tree (Ditch the Desk)
  • Animals of the Nativity (Animal Science)
  • Angels in Art (Studio Art for Teens)

Honestly, there was enough fantastic stuff on the Christmas Corner alone that I could have kept the kids occupied, and learning, for more than the entire month of December!  But since we fell behind this year, we’re only doing Christmas fun for the last week of the semester.  Who doesn’t have to spend all weekend planning now??  ME! 

I also really appreciate the extras that come with membership, like the reading e-books (which helped my struggling reader), Schoolhouse Expo seminars, classes for adults, e-book library access, family movie access (streaming), planners, and member discounts.  Given the time of year, I especially enjoyed the “Twelve Days of Christmas Encouragement” section for homeschooling moms. 

I could see this being a really beneficial site for roadschooling families, because everything is housed online.  You can print out sheets as needed, from wherever you land, but the majority of courses can be completed online.  As long as you have reliable internet access, you could use SchoolhouseTeachers.com from anywhere in the world

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