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Thursday, October 20

Gaming + Legos = October Fun at Brick Loot!

Brick Loot is a subscription box for people who love LEGOs.  It is designed for ages 6 and up and is $27.00/month, plus $6.00 shipping.  Each box is filled with Legos, Lego compatible products, and other brick items.  It is a very build-heavy box, meaning that there aren't as many minifigures or accessories, but there are a lot of different building ideas.

October's theme was Game On!, and all of the projects in the box revolved around gaming.  While most kids, especially boys, would really appreciate this theme, it fell upon deaf ears in our house.  We do not allow any sort of gaming, and the kids just couldn't relate, so it was a bit of a strike right out of the gate...

Each box includes a card that details all of the box's contents.  This month's box included :
  • Art print & Sticker - an exclusive print and sticker that are related to the theme
  • Gaming Minifigure - an exclusive minifigure related to the theme (made with actual Lego pieces)
  • Building Activity 1 - a Pac Man made of itty bitty bricks
  • Building Activity 2 - an exclusive arcade machine project, with stickers for two designs
  • Building Activity Cards - bricks not included, but various design ideas
  • Coupon Code - 25% off a MOCNation...whatever that is
  • Head Shaped Case - a large minifigure head for storing bricks (and my kids' favorite piece in the box)

So, in addition to the unfortunate theme choice for our first box, my kids are a little snobbish about Legos...they want the real thing, and these are not real Legos.  Which is not to say that they didn't enjoy the building activities, but that we won't be purchasing any more boxes for this reason.  Another thing you will want to be aware of is that these bricks are TINY.  If you have little ones in your house, you will want to be very very aware of their proximity to the pieces!

Just the Facts :
  • Cost: $27.00/month, $25.00/month for 3 months, $23.00/month for 6 months
  • Shipping: $6.00/month
  • What’s in the box? Monthly boxes can include unique items including LEGO, LEGO compatible products and brick items.
  • How do I cancel? You must cancel your subscription before the 25th of the month to not receive the following month’s box.
  • Website:
  • My readers get to save! Save 10% of Brickloot using code "usfamily"

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