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Tuesday, August 2

Ride the Wind (Poison)

It's a well-known fact amongst family and friends that I have little to no coordination.  My mom is always saying she's so glad that she didn't name me Grace!!  But the truth is, those issues are real for many kids, and many adults.  Because of these problems, I did not learn to ride a bike until well in my 30's....
Now, if you think that learning to ride a bike as a kid on the pavement is tough...try doing it out on a gravel road!!  When the wind whips up (as it is apt to do out here in the 'flyover states'), it adds a whole new level of fun!  But that's just part of the challenge.  My first goal was to try and ride around the block.....that's a country block...four miles for you city-folk.
I've enjoyed exploring the neighborhood on wheels.  It's nice having a way to carry a water bottle and phone, which is a luxury I don't have when travelling on foot.  We have some really beautiful scenery and old buildings, especially as seen through vintage camera filters.  Rural America is full of relics like these.
Learning to ride a bicycle is something that most people take for granted.  It was very difficult for me.  I'll never be in a bike race or a triathalon, but I've learned a new skill and overcome a challenge.  My children are learning to ride on the gravel, which should make their college years (with pavement) much easier to get around.  And I get to enjoy morning bike rides, such as this one, with them.

I challenge you to pick something that is difficult for you and start tackling it today!!!

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