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Monday, July 18

Ten Days of Roadschooling : Day 8 (National Parks Pass)

Day 8 : National Parks Pass

Tips for Saving at National Parks
  • If you have a student in the 4th grade, you should absolutely pick up a free National Parks Pass, which is good for one year.  Every fourth grade student is entitled to one family pass.  This gets you into many parks for free, and others (the ones that are partially privatized) at a discount.
  • The National Parks Pass is only $80 annually for a carload.  However many folks fit into your car is how many will get into that park!  This also gives you a discount on park amenities.
  • The Junior Ranger Program is a fantastic educational tool that is provided at each National Park.  There are curriculum ideas, literature, and hands-on activities.  They typically receive a pin, sticker, or some other small token after completing the program.
  • Finally, if you are a senior, make sure to get a Senior Pass, which is only $10 for a lifetime pass.
There are National Parks EVERYWHERE!  Pick up this handy guide to find out which ones you'll be driving near.

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Ten Days of Road-Schooling
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