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Monday, July 11

Ten Days of Roadschooling : Day 1 (Introduction)

Day 1 : Introduction to Road-Schooling

  • Choose a Destination - What we choose to study is largely determined by where the job takes us. Within that geography, the kids each choose something they’re interested in, and we go from there. 
  • Plan Your School - We use workbooks and have a spine curriculum. They have a rigid math curriculum and spend time reading each day, but beyond that, we focus largely on whatever ‘unit’ we’re studying at the time. Similar to unit studies, or Charlotte Mason, we work with a living, hands-on curriculum called ‘living and exploring.’ However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of planning and that they’re not learning anything! All of their core subjects are covered in each unit.
  • Be Flexible – Driving time is great for audiobooks, learning to use a map, or getting caught up on reading. While waiting around the hotel or laundromat is a good time to plug in the laptop and take care of computer work, tech-based exercises, or your journaling. If you’ve planned to do work, and a unique opportunity arises, do the work later. Life comes first!
  • Change Your Mind - When life gets real, we become less concerned with keeping up with the other kids, or learning things in the “right order,” and instead we begin to realize that education is a living experience that is unique to each human being. Own it.
  • Don’t Make it “School” – Flexible roadschooling means having a little faith that children are, by nature, learners. Teach your children how to learn, tune into your children’s interests, and run with it.
  • Keep a Record – We journal our travels here on the blog, but the kids also keep their own written journals. It’s interesting to see what they enjoy and write about the most!
  • Follow the Rules – Roadschoolers are subject to the same regulations that homeschool families face, which vary from state to state. You must meet the regulations that your home state (where you pay taxes) requires.
  • A Few More Thoughts...

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Ten Days of Road-Schooling

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