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Friday, June 10

Port of Morrow (Shins)

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Today we're going with the Rowe family all the way out to the coast of Oregon!  Recognize the photo below....?
Papa Rowe writes :
All of the beach pictures were taken at Ecola Beach State Park. It's used as the scene from La Push in the first Twilight movie. An additional location in that park was used for the Goonies, as well as Kindergarten Cop, for the scene with the school fair.
The tidal pools were teeming with life. More starfish and sea stars than we could count, beautiful purple and yellow razor clams and even the occasional crab and jelly. The beach there is very flat which makes the tide changes quick and dramatic. The coolest life is found on the seaward side of the rocks where the retreating waves create depressions in the sand that stay full of sea water and support the mini ecosystems there.
It was a great trip - you'd love it. The day at the beach at low tide was the best marine biology exhibit I've ever seen!!

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