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Monday, April 25

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Good things come to those who wait!!  There's a surprise for you hidden in this on!

Some might say that I’m a bit of a tea addict…it’s not really a problem.  I just love collecting good quality teas!  My brain doesn’t quite wake up before that first cup of tea in the morning, and quiet evenings are made all the calmer by a nice, hot cup of calming tea.  The boys like to make their own cups, too, albeit with considerably more sweetener than mom.
Quality tea at a decent price, however, can be difficult to come by.  We switched to loose leaf a few years ago because it tends to be higher grade and lasts longer than tea bags.  Recently, we discovered a new tea company, and we’re having a blast experimenting with the tasty new flavors! 

When you visit the Blooming with Joy page, the first things you’ll notice are the gorgeous photographs.  These mixes and gift sets are hand-crafted by Michelle, a fellow homeschool mama.  

We got the Tea Lover Gift Set, which comes with an infuser and four tins of tea.  It’s a lovely set to use for any sort of gift, but we were very happy to keep it ourselves and try out all of the flavors.  While you are able to select which four teas you would like to come in the set, we opted to have Michelle surprise us with her favorite mixes (except Earl Grey….mom just can’t abide by that one).  The goodies arrived in a sturdy, nice brown box lined with tissue paper and tied up with rustic twine.  It came with a gift card, in the event that the set is to be used for that purpose.

Brown paper packages tied up with string……these are a few of my favorite things!!!  

It was so exciting to open the box and see what goodies she had selected just for us.  We got :   
  • Berry Blast (an herbal tea) 
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries (puerh tea)
  • Orange Spice (chai tea)
  • Strawberry Fields (white tea)
  • tea infuser (lid is a mug holder)

It was a nice sampling of each of the types of blends that she offers.
The hardest part was choosing which to sample first.  After much deliberation, we chose the Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  After all…chocolate. covered. strawberries.  Those things are heaven!  The ingredients are printed right on the side of the tin, which is wonderful if you have any food allergies in the house.  Also, the steeping time is printed on the side of each tin for handy reference, which I love because I never remember how long to steep each tea.

That night, we tried Strawberry Fields. This is a roobios / white tea blend so it is naturally caffeine-free.  I really enjoy winding down with a hot mug of tea, especially on chilly evenings, so having a caffeine-free option was wonderful!   

Whether for yourself or someone you love, you can’t go wrong with Blooming with Joy Teas!  Use code GYPSYROAD right now, and you'll get 10% off your $25+ purchase!

Our favorite tea-time supplies :

Michelle also has a great option where you can host a Private Tea Tasting.  You earn free tea, and everyone has a great time!  If you'd like to to host one, use the social buttons to contact her!

Get Social with the Tea Shop!!!
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