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Friday, March 25

To Know Him is To Love Him (Teddy Bears)

(scroll to bottom for unit study)  
On this sacred day, Good Friday, we are following Lisa and her children into God's Acre at Old Salem in North Carolina.  Old Salem is a historic district of Winston-Salem, North Carolina that features a living history museum interpreting the restored Moravian community.
 The district showcases the culture of the Moravian settlement in North Carolina during the 18th and 19th centuries, communal buildings, churches, houses, and shops. The Moravian Church is one of the oldest Protestant denominations in the world, with its heritage dating back to the Bohemian Reformation in the fifteenth century.  One of the Catechisms of the Church is "To know God is to know his word; above all, to love Him, is to do His Commandments and to submit to His will."
In Old Salem, the "Easter City," the traditional Moravian Easter Sunrise Service has been held annually since 1772 and draws several thousand people to the Salem Square and Moravian graveyard. In December, they hold the Lovefeast & Candle Tea, an annual fundraiser for local charities held by the Home Moravian Church Women's Fellowship in the Single Brothers' House.
Our family had a chance to visit this community recently during our journey up and down the southeastern seaboard.  We will revisit Old Salem here on the blog, with a unit study, in the very near future!
Lisa teaches 4th grade at a Title I STEM Magnet School.  Her school has such a large poverty rate that they have very little money for food, much less a computer.  But given the times, the school district is moving towards technology based classrooms, and the kids are EXCITED about it. They love technology. Now where does the funding come from to get it into their hands?   She is hoping you are the answer to that question!  Please visit her Donors Choose page to learn more.  Even if you can't personally help, you can share her page with someone who may be able to!

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