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Sunday, March 20

Stronger (Britney Spears)

Educate and Empower Kids provides resources to parents and caregivers to encourage connection and healthy relationships through love, communication, education and empowerment.  Their resources are down-to-earth, simple ideas that every family can use.  Their newest kindle book, 30 Days to a Stronger Child, will be on sale March 24-27 for only 99c.  AND you can enter to win a copy today!!!

Our children are the next great dreamers, educators, explorers, and leaders.  It is now, in their childhood, that we give them the tools that shape them, the heart that drives them, and the knowledge that guides them. They face an uncertain future, filled with incredible pressures and challenges. They will need to change it, to change their world. And they can do it, too! With your guidance and the experiences in this book, our children will not only survive in this world, they will THRIVE! Our kids have qualities that need to be developed and balanced in order to be successful. Each of these qualities can be likened to accounts that are necessary to live a healthy, balanced, and strong life. That’s why we’ve given you a great way to teach these concepts—physical health, emotional strength, social skills, spiritual balance, and intellectual growth—to your children. We’ve included activities, discussions, and questions that will empower you to raise a more resilient, stronger child. Enjoy these lessons at your own pace: whether you spend five minutes or an hour, you will connect with your child on a new level. Deeper connections facilitate both learning and bonding, and together you will help your child find their greatness and build a happy, strong life.
You’ve heard of a ‘sleep bank,’ right?  That’s where, if you know you’re going to have to pull an all-nighter, you spend the week before sleeping a little bit extra, to bank some rest.  (We’re not in college anymore….we can’t just pull twelve all-nighters in a row without effect….)   The author proposes that we have multiple ‘banks’ such as this one, including physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual.  Our children face pressures every day that can drain their accounts which is why it’s so important for parents to help them develop these strengths and learn to cope with stress and dilemmas in healthy ways.

Our initial interest in this book came from past experience.  We have used their 30 Daysof Sex Talks series (it comes in three different levels), and felt that they were well-written resources.  Like those books, this book is organized into thirty short lessons with practical advice.  The format is easy to follow and has questions, activities, and talking points.  I like how it provides parents with the information and tools we need to be stronger, well-informed guiding force in our children’s lives.  The proposed conversations aren’t contrived, but feel very natural.  This is one of those books that we will revisit throughout the teen years, as various issues arise.  I think it’s a great resource to help our children gain strength and courage to face the obstacles on the horizon.

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I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
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