Wednesday, March 23

Seven Bridges Road (Eagles)

Tucked into the hills of southwestern North Carolina, a magical forest lies full of eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, and their raptor cousins.  Carolina Raptor Center, in Huntersville, is dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey through education, research, and raptor rehabilitation.
Within a small one-mile loop, we were exposed to hundreds of different species of raptors.  We spoke with their caretakers about the birds' history (many were orphaned or injured), the rehabilitation process, and everyday needs of a raptor.
The boys' favorite stop was the Owl Forest...a Harry-Potter themed section of the loop devoted to several different species.  We have a barn owl at our home that they enjoy "talking to," and they spoke with the barn owls here, too!  The gift shop, of course, is always a favorite stop...and this one has some cute handmade crafts, like these eagle wings!

Raptors Unit Study

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