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Friday, March 4

Jellybean (Parade)

It's Fan Field Trip Friday!!!   
Want to get your trip featured?  

After visiting nine states last summer, our featured family decided to hit just one more on the way home!  They stopped in Wisconsin for a quick tour of the Jelly Belly Factory Warehouse.

The Jelly Belly Tour
Step into the brightly colored, delicious smelling, candy decorated Jelly Belly visitor’s center and prepare to be amazed. During the 40-minute walking tour, Jelly Belly tour guides will reveal the secrets of how the Jelly Belly is made, show how a real working factory creates the sweet treats and why it takes more than a week to make a single bean.  

The tour ends in the Jelly Belly Candy Store inside the visitor’s center where you can shop for your favorite individual Jelly Belly flavors, purchase souvenirs like a plush Mr. Jelly Belly toy, or step up to the free Sampling Bar.  

Jelly Belly University participants are given lab coats, gloves and hair nets for a guided tour in the heart of the factory ending with a degree of Beanology being awarded plus t-shirt, and discount card for shopping.  (You'll need to register in advance)

Their Experience
Both the tour guide and the videos provided a very interesting history of the Jelly Belly Company. The videos were especially interesting, providing a peek into how they make Jelly Bellys!

Factoids they picked up along the way :
  • Did you know that Jelly Bellys are used by artists to make really beautiful pictures?  Which they have displayed at the factory. 
  • Did you know that Jelly Bellys have been used by fashion design students to create couture clothing?  Which is also displayed at the factory. 
  • Did you know that a messed up Jelly Belly is called a ‘Belly Flop’, isn’t that cute!
  •  At the end of the tour they received bags of Jelly Bellys...always good to sugar up your crew before you hit the road!

Of all the fun and fascinating things they did on their vacation, the tour of the Jelly Belly factory easily ranked #2, just after the Creation Museum.  They highly recommend a trip, if you're going to be near the one in Wisconsin, or the one in Fairfield, CA!!  Want to take a warehouse tour?

Jellybean Unit Resources

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