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Friday, March 11

Deep in the Heart of Texas (George Strait)

It's Fan Field Trip Friday!!!   

Join Kyle from Aspired Living as she brings us the best day trips in southeast Texas! 

  • Space Center Houston – We went to Space Center Houston several years ago during it’s school days program. We saw several versions of the space shuttle, sat in “mission command” and the kids answered questions, toured the facility on a ‘tram’, & enjoyed the various exhibits/experiments they had set up. -see post here-
  • Houston Zoo – We really enjoy going to the Houston Zoo. It is a large zoo but you can see the entire zoo in one day if you get there early and keep moving.
  • Weather Museum – We have been to this museum once and we really enjoyed it. However, in my opinion it is over priced and I would suggest attending on a free day!
  • Houston Museum of Fine Arts– The last time we visited this museum was when it had an exhibit featuring impressionists. We had a wonderful experience and the kids really enjoyed seeing Monet, VanGogh & Degas and frankly so did I.  WARNING– Please check the exhibits they they currently have and make sure they are appropriate for children. For instance right now they have “120 days of Sodom”, this is not an exhibit we will be attending.
  • Houston Natural Science Museum – You can click –here– to read a post on our old blog about one of our many field trip to the Houston Natural Science Museum. This is one of our favorite places to visit in Houston. It is of course evolutionary in its perspective but we have an  pologetics attitude about  museums. We have our children note each reference to evolution and Mama keeps score and they earn prizes for pointing out evolutionary theory.
  • Children’s Museum of Houston– The kids have been to this museum several times when we had a premature baby in Texas Children’s Hospital. So I have very fond memories of this museum. It is huge and there are lots of things to do for a wide age range. We haven’t been in the last few years and it’s my understanding that they have remodeled it.
  • Houston Health Museum– We have been to this museum a couple of times on the free days. This muesum is jam packed with interactive activities that our kiddos really enjoyed. They also have a couple of movie theater type displays one of which featured Bill Nye the Science Guy. I also recommend this field trip on it’s free day.
  • The Rest of the Houston Museum District – this is a list of the many museums in Houston.
  • Forbidden Gardens – “The latter invites tourists to “Discover the mysteries of Imperial China,” but the world’s oldest civilization has proved no match for the blistering sun and hothouse humidity of south Texas. Still, we recommend visiting F.G., a unique sight for Texas “
  • Washington on the Brazos – In August Washington on the Brazos has an education program for teachers that I have attended with 10ish year old children. Then in September they have school programs for different ages. This trip is well worth the money and the time if you are studying this time period. We will return to Washington on the Brazos in two years when we get back to American History.
  • Anderson, TX Stage Coach Days and the Fanthrop Inn…This event is jam packed full of re-enactors and re-enactments. Another field trip well suited to the study of early Texas or American History.
  • Burton Cotton Gin – We haven’t been there yet, this is another field trip that is on my list when we get back to early American history.
  • Antique Rose Emporium -One of my favorite places to go to explore all the flora and fauna.
  • Blue Bell Ice Cream – This is an informative video and tour of the ice cream manufacturer. We have gone on it 3 or 4 times. At the end of the tour you get a free scoop of yummy Blue Bell Ice Cream. (Children under 6 are free)
  • Texas A&M Chemistry Open House
  • Bio Blitz at Lick Creek 
  • The Eagle (News Paper)
  • Brazos Valley Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch
  • Brazos Valley Natural History Museum – This is a very small museum we have visited many times.
  • Renaissance Festival School Days (Other days it is my understanding that there is a lot of drunkenness & 1/2 naked women)
  • Younderway Farm– A working Farm that produces beef, pork, chicken and eggs runs by the Kramer Family! This farm delivers it’s wonderful food to several strategic spots in Central Texas.
  • North of Bryan College Station Area (Waco, Dallas etc…)
  • McDonald Observatory– We have not gone to this one yet but it’s on my list of family field trips this year since we are studying Astronomy this year.
  • Dr. Pepper Museum
  • Waco Zoo –here-
  • Mayborn Museum in Waco- You can click –here– to read a post on our old blog about our field trip to this little children’s type museum.
  • Fort Worth Zoo – We love this zoo it’s very family friendly, it’s small enough to be feel small town but big enough to be fully entertaining.
  • Sand Creek Farm – A working farm that uses plow horses, aqua-phonics and makes raw milk.  A very enjoyable field trip especially for city slickers.

Kyle is a full time frugal wife of Wayne and Mama to 5 adorable children from 16 to 4 years old. She hopes to present families with an attainable simplified model of classical education. She likes listening to audio books, watching the kids play sports or play the piano/cello & doing anything with her husband! She likes to do all of that while having a Chai Tea Latte! You can find her blogging on a regular basis about easy Homeschooling, Frugal Living at Aspired Living & The Curriculum Choice.
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