Saturday, March 5

Count Me In (Gary Lewis & the Playboys)

Our son needs kinesthetic, or tactile, learning methods. It can be very difficult to find materials for this learning style, but typically the ones labeled 'Montessori' will fit the bill.  

After a few years of math lessons, and still no progress on being able to count by ones, we tried having him write out his numbers regularly.  The thought there was that rote memorization would eventually kick in, but this was really testing multiple skills - including handwriting, which he struggles with terribly. It was a struggle and ended in tears nearly every time. 

Then an ad for this Montessori hundred number board randomly popped up in my feed.  Like most pop-ups, I immediately deleted it.  About twenty seconds later, my subconscious kicked in and off I went to seek it out!

The set comes with one hundred wooden numbers, from 1-100, a grid board, and also a storage box for the number pieces. All of the wooden pieces are smooth, so you don't have to worry about splinters.  It comes with a printed-number page, but also with a blank page for more advanced learners.  It's sturdy, it's hands-on, and in a matter of weeks, we are noticing the difference!

We're still working on getting the numbers in order, especially turning the corners (eg, 39-40, 69-70), but now we are working on patterns.  By physically touching the squares, he is able to figure out patterns and create his own.  He is able to see and touch the patterns, which helps his brain to integrate that learning.

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