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Friday, February 5

Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

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Keystone may be famous for a giant monument that's carved into the side of a mountain (Mount Rushmore anyone?) but it has so much more to offer as well. Something my children and I were able to find out in person much to our delight.  Other than Mount Rushmore, the majestic mountainous scenery, Crazy Horse Memorial (another mountain sculpture), and a few other attractions, our favorite had to be a small little gold mine that we stumbled upon on our way back to the hotel. They were even able to give my sons a private and personalized tour (a combination of them not being busy at the moment and my boys being unable to handle the big tours helped that decision be made).

We learned that the mountain sculptures were created by explosives and take years to complete (Crazy Horse is actually still being made). I got to share with my boys the experience of a mountain sunset for the first time. David also was in awe to see his very first mountain. Called it "a giant rock."

We got to learn about Crazy Horse and his role in history when the Native Americans were still fighting to save their land. We got to meet some neat people that were descendants from Crazy Horse's tribe as well.

Our favorite part though was learning how gold is mined for. Both through special pans used with a creek, as well as how it is done when digging into the side of a mountain. We got to walk deep into an active gold mine and were able to see, touch, and feel various machines that were used for mining in the old days and learned a lot about how miners would mark their territories so others knew what cave walls to stay away from as well as where it was still safe to dig vs places that were known dangers. We even got to see a massive driller that is still being used today. It wasn't on of course, but it was a neat thing to see so up close!
A humorous part of the tour (once we were out of the mine again) was when David got away from me and climbed up and sat down on what he thought was a giant bench on wheels. It turned out it was an old fashioned portable toilet used for the miners back in the early mining days. David was pretty grossed out about that, but I was laughing. 
After the tour, the boys got to try their hand at mining for gems as well using a pan in creek method very similar to that used for mining gold. Their tour guide helped them get the movements just right so they could sift the sand and dirt successfully and they ended up finding many small treasures to take home.

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