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Thursday, January 7

Freezer Planning

Freezer cooking is one of the easiest ways for us to have healthy, home-cooked meals in the midst of the chaos that we call home.  One day a month is devoted to cooking (sometimes even less than that), and we have quick-and-easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for those days when life is just too hectic.

These are some of my favorite tools to help with freezer cooking.  They're not required, but they certainly make the process much quicker and smoother.
  • Pyrex glass containers are my favorites for freezing food.  They come in many sizes, are easy to stack, dishwasher safe, and affordable.  You can find them on sale all of the time.
  • Aluminum baking pans are great for potluck suppers, helping neighbors, or any other time when you may or may not get the dish back.  They're reusable and affordable, so we use them as often, if not more, than the glass dishes. 
  • Immersion blenders are perfect for so many things.  I mostly use mine for soups and jams, but you can use them for any blended recipe.  Be sure to look for one where the blending part is stainless steel and not plastic.
  • KitchenAid stand mixer is a big investment but they are very useful!  I use mine for everything from cookies to bread dough.  They come in a lot of beautiful colors, so you're sure to find one that you love.  I love our retro red one!
  • Waxed paper is a must when it comes to freezer meals because it keeps the food from sticking together.  Be sure to look for one that is unbleached and uses a natural based wax.
Freezer Cooking Through the Year

Printables are another great way to stay organized when freezer cooking! We have several master forms included in our new FreezerCooking Through the Year e-book.  

This book includes : 

  • the whats and whys behind freezer cooking 
  • how-to tips and tricks
  • pantry freezing guidelines,
  • printable planning sheets 
  • more than thirty kid-friendly recipes!
And to kick off the new year, we are offering our new release at 50% off through the end of April!


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