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Tuesday, January 19

A Twist on Breakfast!

Breakfast............ugh.  It comes before my coffee.  And these kids always want to eat.  So, they're learning to cook.  But they're tired of making the same old we're putting new spins on some old recipes today!

Cherry-Vanilla Pancakes 
  • Bisquick mix
  • Maraschino Cherries (8 oz for 2 cups pancake mix)
  • Double strength Vanilla (1 Tbsp for 2 cups pancake mix)

Follow directions for making pancakes on the Bisquick box.  Chop up cherries into small pieces and put into mix.  Put vanilla and all the cherry juice into the mix!  Mix it up, slap it down, and flip the flapjacks!

Sweet Potato Fritters w/ Kind Bar Filling
(AKA 'clean out the pantry' breakfast)

  • 2 md size sweet potatoes ( need to peel)
  • 1/4 cup baking mix
  • 2 Kind bars (pick your favorite...but chocolate-based ones are best)

  1. Mix the sweet potatoes and baking mix.  Spoon mixture into hills on the frying pan.  Let cook about five minutes.  
  2. Flatten and gently flip with a spatula.  Let cook another five minutes, flatten again, and repeat.  
  3. Cook each side at least twice, until it has formed a crust on both sides.  
  4. Break up the kind bars and place on top of half the flattened fritters.  Pop the other half on tops and flip a few times to get the kind bars good and melted between them.  
  5. Voila!  Breakfast...complete with vegetables, starch, protein, good fats, and chocolate...which is totally a food group.

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