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Friday, December 11

Last-Minute Road-Schooling Gift Ideas!

 Road-schooling means limited space for carrying everyday items, and we are all about maximizing that space!  If you've got a road-schooling family on your Christmas list this year, or if you're just thinking about hitting the road yourself, here are some of our top picks for a road-schooler's wishlist...


  • Audiobooks - Like "Under Drake's Flag," these are perfect for keeping the family happy on long travel days, and are educational as well.  You'll find most of the classics, currently popular books, and everything in between on audiobook....and what a way to bring history to life!  Only the size of a cd case, these provide hours, even days, of entertainment.
  • CD carrying case - A handy dandy place to keep all of your audiobooks in one spot!
  • DVD sets - Like "The Peabody & Sherman Collection," or "Schoolhouse Rock," also provide hours of educational entertainment on those long travel days.
  • Portable DVD player - Be sure to get a headphone splitter so that your kids can share the fun!
  • Kindle - Books upon books can really eat up your available space.  I'm all for a hard copy, and running my fingers along the pages - there's something about the smell of a real book that is just calming.  But there's nothing calming about trying to fit two months worth of books into your packing space.  With an e-reader, you can download books (often for free from your local library) as needed, and they all fit into one tiny space!
  • Digital Camera - We document our field trips, both for homeschooling purposes and for memory scrapbooks.  A good digital camera is a must for all traveling families!
  • Lego City Camper - A little fun goes a long way!  We all know that building toys stimulate our kids' creativity...this one gives them a way to play 'house,' too.


  • Adjustable Jump Rope - This takes up little to no space, and provides a great cardio boost.  After driving all day, your body wants to move a bit.  Just twenty minutes of jumping rope can get you there...and an empty space (outdoor?) is all you need.  We like the adjustable feature because the entire family can use one rope.  Get two, and have a competition!
  • Free Weight 52 Stack - One deck of playing cards will give your body more of a workout than it ever imagined!  These cards are designed to target every muscle in your body.  Shuffle the deck and see how much you can complete.  Coupled with your jump rope, you'll have a cardio and strength training workout wherever you roam!  The only downside here is that you'll need to pack those free weights.
  • RFID Pouch - We love to walk around the city, but who wants to carry a huge purse all day?  This travel wallet has room for money, cards, keys, pends, and a small notebook (or smartphone), all with room to spare!  It fits discreetly under your clothing, and is designed to thwart theft.


  • Yogi Flex Microfiber Towel - This oversized, but compact, towel is super absorbent!  It takes up less space than a shirt and dries very quickly.  Perfect for RV life, they are easy to wash and small enough that each family member can pack their own!
  • Sleep Kit - A good night's sleep is the body's first defense to staying healthy...and with this sleep kit, you'll block out all of the distractions around you.  It also comes with a tiny, but handy, carrying case!
  • No-Tie Shoelaces - We weren't sure where to categorize these, but they have revolutionized our days.  Having young children, or children with special needs, presents it's own set of challenges...both at home and on the road.  With these no-tie shoelaces, both of our children are now capable of fully dressing themselves each day.  They take up no space, but provide a terrific confidence boost!
  • Stainless Multi-Tool - Emergencies might as well be prepared.  This multi-tool has the knife, axe, hammer, lever, and several other functions.  It folds up neatly, and is durable, but affordable.
  • Goldenseal Root - Foul-tasting, yes.  But it works wonders!  Take a dropper-full at the onset of illness, and it will go away quickly.  Even the kids are believers.  We all make the most horrible faces...but when kids are coming to you, and asking for the nasty stuff because they have a terrible cold, then you know it must work quickly!!  This little bottle is worth it's weight in gold.

So that's it - these are out top picks for road-schooling gifts.  What would you add to this list?  Which one does your family need for upcoming travels?  
Enjoy your journey!
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