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Wednesday, October 21

Stand (R.E.M.)

I'm sure you've heard by now that sitting is the new smoking....researchers advocate sitting as little as possible.  If you've considered a standing desk, you're in good company.  We got this one last year, and absolutely love it!!

Benefits of Standing Desks
  • Increased Physical Activity
    • Standing desks help you burn more calories throughout the day.  Another benefit is that you walk more when utilizing a standing desk.
  • Increased Focus
    • I’ve noticed that since I transitioned to a standing desk, it’s easier to focus on my work. I have more energy throughout the day, and I’ve found that my mind wanders less when I’m standing.
However, with the advent of these new standing desks, we are seeing more research that shows Why Your Standing Desk is Doing Harm.
Downsides to a standing desk
  • Fatigue
    • You may become really tired when you first make the transition to a standing desk.
  • Aches
    • You might also find that your back hurts or your feet ache after a few hours.  You should also wear comfortable shoes, and stand on a mat if your desk is on a hard floor.
  • Varicose Veins
    • Standing all day increases the risks of carotid atherosclerosis (a degenerative disease of the arteries) and varicose veins.  Like many things in life, taking a “middle road” is best.  While it’s not healthy to sit all day, it’s not healthy to stand all day either.

After much deliberation, our solution was the Stand-Up Desk, which allows you to change position from sitting to standing as often as needed with a simple hand crank.  Standing in the morning helps me to get my mind going and my body moving, as I dance along with music while working.  When it's time for the kids to do their typing programs, language lessons, or other 'school games,' we crank it down to their level so that they can sit or stand.  We crank it up and down a few times each day, and have had no issues with it.

If you're in the market for a standing desk, or just trying to get a little more movement into your workday, why not consider an adjustable one?  When you're tired or under-the-weather, or just don't feel like standing, you can sit!  Plus, I really LOVE being able to adjust it to the kids' height so that the desk fits them....and they love it, too!

Standing Desk Models
1. Humanscale Float Desk
The Humanscale Float Desk is handy because you can effortlessly raise and lower the height with the push of a button. This can be beneficial if you need a rest and want to sit. What’s better is that it doesn’t require electricity to function. However, the convenience comes at a cost: The Humanscale Float desk retails for around $1,600.
2. Stand-Up Desk
The Stand-Up Desk uses an electric motor to raise and lower the tabletop. While there are several models (and several price ranges), most desks have a wood tabletop and steel legs, differing only in size and finish.  
So why would you want a standing desk with an electric motor over a model like the Humanscale Float Desk that uses quieter technology?  The Stand-Up Desk retails for less than half of what you’d pay for a Float Desk.
3. Kangaroo Pro
The Kangaroo Pro is a desktop configuration. It’s designed to sit on top of your current desk, and elevate your computer so you can stand. Although the Kangaroo is a streamlined configuration, you still must pay $350 or more for the convenience of raising your computer to standing level.