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Thursday, October 29

One of Us (Joan Osborne)

Don't catch a "mood cold" this holiday season!  
I know, I's only the end of October.  Halloween is two days away.  But who can honestly say that they haven't already given thought to the Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Year marathon on the horizon?  It's a time of joy and a time of family...and it's a time of stress.  I don't know about you, but my goal this year is to have a little less frustration, and a little more vacation.

Emotions are contagious.  Just like the flu, you can catch a 'mood cold.'  But there's no vaccine for this one...just the knowledge alone will help you to prevent from catching one.  And maybe from spreading your own.  We all have that one family member that spreads misery around the holidays like a bad sneeze.  Heck, we've all been that person at least once.  Misery loves company after all.

But so does SUNSHINE!  I want to tell you about my son.  If you've ever met him, then you know that you cannot leave his presence in a bad mood.  He emits sunshine the way teenage boys emit body odor.  It's wonderful!  (See his complete backstory here.)

Yes, he has a whole host of issues, and we're forever off to one specialist or another.  But the child was bathed in the sunshine of the Spirit...our ""normal"" son could really take a lesson.  And he spreads it a disease....but one that you desperately want to catch.  He'll give it to a stranger at the grocery store.  He'll give it to a family member through the phone.  He shares it with me thousands of times each day.  He'll pretty much share it with anyone except his brother!

If you've got something going on, it can be hard to be cheerful during the holidays.  Let those around you know that you need some extra help, or understanding.  Try reaching outside yourself and helping those around you, too.  It seems counter-intuitive, but something like the RACK Program will actually boost your own mood!  And you never know how your actions will affect the stranger you meet out on the street.

And if you have sunshine to spread - go for it!  Sing loudly - whether you're in the shower or in the mall.  Give out hugs the way people do Halloween candy.  Smile at the stranger next to you.  Sure, he may thing you're a nut, but at least you'll be a happy nut!

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