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Wednesday, October 28

Future's So Bright (Timbuk 3)

So……glass half-full, or half-empty?  Personally, I prefer to just pick it up and take a deep swig without giving it too much thought.

Did you know?
  • optimism seems to have consistent benefits for people regardless of demographic factors such as income level or overall health status.
  • Pessimistic men are more than twice as likely to develop heart disease than the most optimistic men, even after taking other risk factors into account.
  • Optimism appears to protect the heart and circulation — and it’s heartening to learn that it can have similar benefits for overall health.
  • It is possible that optimists enjoy better health and longer lives than pessimists because they lead healthier lifestyles, build stronger social support networks, and get better medical care.

Take it to the Next Level

Show someone else how to be more optimistic (....when you teach, you perfect the skill yourself!)
  • Think positive thoughts about yourself and others.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others in a competitive way. Each person has unique and special talents that are to be valued.
  • Try to find the good in every situation, even at difficult moments.
  • When facing a challenge, focus on achieving a positive outcome, rather than expecting defeat.
  • Explore your own beliefs about the meaning and purpose of life, whether they are philosophical or religious.
  • Strive to improve your physical health through exercise, a healthy diet, and good sleeping habits and hygiene. The better you feel, the brighter your outlook will be.
  • Challenge your mind every day by learning something new, including learning about yourself and your family history.

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