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Tuesday, August 25

Take it Easy (Eagles)

We all know that prolonged stress can cause :
·         Anxiety
·         Depression
·         Digestive problems
·         Heart disease
·         Sleep problems
·         Weight gain
·         Memory and concentration impairment
It's not knowing what stress does that we need to focus on, but rather how to manage our daily stressors.  It won't be the flight-or-fight stress that will get you - it will be the chronic, everyday stuff!

When you're frustrated and fed up and feeling like you have zero control in a situation, try one of these :
  • listen to music
  • get out into nature
  • take time for yoga, meditation, or exercise
  • talk it out with someone - better yet, laugh!
  • go take a nap
  • work on managing your time
  • ...........if all else fails, remember how to spell stressed! *wink*

Take it to the Next Level

Practice yoga and the art of deep breathing on a regular basis.  Incorporate it into your routine.  Gaiam has a great yoga starter kit, or there are numerous guided breathing exercises for use during your daily commute.

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