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Sunday, August 2

Chopped Challenge

For those who haven’t watched Chopped on Food Network, four chefs compete by preparing five star dishes focusing on the mystery ingredients that are supplied to them in their baskets. Once they open their baskets they have a set amount of time to transform everyday and crazy ingredients into a delicious cohesive dish. The challenge is a total of 3 rounds, appetizer, entree and dessert and at the end of each round a panel of judges “chops” one of the chefs and only the remaining chefs move on to the next round.
We were selected to take on a bloggers' chopped challenge.  Each blogger contributed one mystery ingredient.  It was quite an adventure!!

Our mystery ingredients were :
  • vienna sausages
  • beets
  • jam
  • rice

My little chef took on this challenge, since he's the cook in the house.  He's only eleven, but works wonders in the kitchen!  He came up with a sweet & sour meat pair with fried rice and beet sticks.

First, we cooked the rice and put in a veggie blend and soy sauce to create fried rice.
Then, we took the vienna sausages and pan-fried them in a mixture of peach jam and soy sauce.  It made up a pretty good sweet & sour sauce!
 Then, we sliced up the beets and made 1/4" beet sticks out of them.  They were sauteed in olive oil and seasoning salt. 
 Finally, we plated the food.  Fried rice, sweet & sour sausages, and spiced beet sticks!  A fairly healthy meal created from some very random ingredients!  What can YOU make from your pantry leftovers today???
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