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Friday, July 10

Review : Early American History Unit Studies

History of Charlotte Mason Studies

The Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling uses rich literature and "living books," rather than textbooks.  Charlotte was a British educator in the late 19th century whose curriculum includes nature study, art and music appreciation, and handicrafts, as well as the usual academic subjects.  She sought to "spread a feast" before children, and let them digest what was appropriate at the time.  The premise of the CM method is to nurture a love for learning and reinforce good lifelong habits, not just present a body of information.

We school year-round, but steer toward fun and engaging unit study work during the summer.  This was an easy American history unit perfect for the month of June!  All of the books needed were very easy to find, either at the library or on Amazon :

Since my boys are Lego-crazy, we also used the Brick-Themed Thanksgiving Unit to supplement that section of the unit.

Early American Unit Study

As we usually do, the boys dressed up in their finest Colonial period dress for this unit.  After all, if you're going to 'live history,' you should really get into it!!  We have costumes for nearly every era...and when they dress up, and get into their studies, they retain even more of the information.  It's fun for the whole family!!

The Early American History unit study is designed for first through fourth graders.  It is divided up into four different sections, each with its own set of books, writing activities, and historical events.  The unit includes :  copywork, music appreciation, coloring pages, recipes, timeline work, and literature studies.

You can purchase this unit study for $5.95 at Family Home & Health.

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