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Thursday, July 2

In Summer (Frozen)

Admittedly, Frozen is not one of the top movies in our house, but this is a cute just can't help but sing along!  

It's been a little while since we've done a giveaway, so we figured - what the heck?  Let's just throw a bunch of them in at once and do Christmas in July!  We've got some fantastic prizes lined up just for you!

 Prizes for School...

Recycled History
Designed by a kid, and for kids, these projects will keep them enthusiastic about learning! All projects are created with items found around the house....many that would be headed for the trash bin....and the book includes directions and photo-directions.

History Throughout the Ages
Study history, from the Ancient Egyptians through World War II, in this fun-cross curricular unit! These units contains writing prompts, real-world math activities, and art projects. It also covers essay writing and building activities! Most units have an additional, unique activity included.

Star Chronicles
"At first I found it a little disconcerting that I was using Christianized stories of the stars with the children. I didn’t seem right not to use the old Greek myths to explain the stars. It didn’t seem scientific, and I’d never read any of the other Christian constellation books to see what other Christians had said. Then, I laughed at myself. It’s not like the fake gods of the Greeks should have a license to be the only way that we can look at the stars. I started to see Star Chronicles as a reclamation of constellations for us as Christians. If you use Fogleman’s book, you’ll still be learning the ancient names for the stars. However, you’ll be using our stories and our truth to label them."

Universal Record Keeping System
For a limited time, get the entire record keeping system which includes:
  • Family Scholar Portfolio
  • Aspiring Scholar Portfolio
  • Personal Scholar Portfolio
  • Book of Nations
  • Book of Centuries

Mr. Row's Adventures - Unit Study
An interactive, hands-on, global educational journey. Sign up to host Mr Row and receive monthly Unit Study guides (like the ones listed below) based according to Mr Row's travels (pictured below). Each Unit Study guide is a full color, interactive study of the specific area Mr Row is visiting eac month. Each unit study guide covers all academic subjects as well as character building and life skills. Winner chooses one unit study of their choice (value $15).

Prizes Just for Mom..

Jamberry - Nail sets - style choice from consultant
Fun and flirty, elegant and understated, bright and beautiful - whatever mood you're in today, your signature style is just a quick application away!!!! Over 300 designs to choose from, easy to apply from your own home! High quality, guaranteed nail products at the tip of your fingers!
Lemongrass - prize package may be different than pictured
Two winners will receive a prize package!  Lemongrass Spa offers only the best in natural bath, body and skin care products as well as chemical-free mineral makeup. All products are Gluten free.

Fire Cider Collection - Herbal Roots Zine
This collection includes the history of fire cider, instructions on how to make fire cider, a label and card that can be printed off and 6 HRz issues: Apple, Cayenne, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, and Horseradish.

Nursery Wall Art Set - The Quiet Grove
This is an 8x10 ABC Nursery Wall Art Digital Download.  (or another print, of the winner's choice)

$20 Amazon Gift Card
$20 to spend however you choose at Amazon, from Terri at Christmas Tree Lane.  Come over to find out about all things Christmas, starting in July of each year!  Amazon has all sorts of amazing products, and is a perfect gift for your favorite readers!

Here are the entry forms....there is one for each prize.  **Hint :  EVERYONE that enters with the 'mailing list' option is going to find some extra prizes in their stocking!!**

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