Thursday, July 23

Build Me the Moon (Charlotte Sometimes)

Today, we are going to take a closer look at one Oklahoma City home.  Yesterday, we focused on our architectural unit sure to brush up on your stylistic background!!!

In a corner of Oklahoma City that time forgot, the Overholser Mansion stands as a testament to the state's earliest days.  Henry Overholser was an Oklahoma businessman, county commissioner, and important contributor to the development of Oklahoma City.  Overholser was already well-to-do when he arrived in Oklahoma Territory in 1889.  He quickly began buying lots, developing business buildings, and making capital improvements using his own money to what would become Oklahoma City.
Built in 1903, the Overholser Mansion is considered Oklahoma City's first mansion.  It was designed by W.S. Matthews, who trained at London's Kensington Academy.  Originally, the home was in the country and far from town, but today it lies in the heart of the city.  The Queen Anne and Chateauesque architectural styles were regarded as out of style, standing in stark contrast to the Mission, Craftsman, and Prairie styles of architecture that were prominent at the time.  Walking through the house, you can't help but step back in time and feel the opulence seep through your skin...
Full of original designs (such as the cute doorbell below!), the first floor of the house looks as if the family just stepped out for the morning.  All tours are guided, and the first three floors, open to the public, reveal intricately stenciled, painted-on canvas walls and eye-popping light fixtures. On the second-floor landing, pause at the stained glass windows featuring two musically inclined women, a piece that Mrs. Overholser, who started the Ladies Orchestra League in the 1890s, commissioned.  The third floor was the nursery, and is now full of toys and brick-a-brack that made its way into the attic storage area.
We fell in love with this home!  The oldest took about a hundred photos, trying to memorize every intricate architectural and interior design detail.  The youngest oohed and ahhed over the appliances and "latest and greatest" machinery found throughout the home.  As for myself, I simply adored the little pink turret room at the top of the house.  It was small, but large enough for a Mommy-cave!  Taking a tour here truly is like stepping back in time for a few hours!!

Home Details :
  • Tours Tues-Sat
  • Hourly tours from 10a - 2pm
    • 45 minutes long
  • 405 NW 15th St, OKC
Special Event :
  • Heritage Hills Home Tour
  • Sept 26-27, 2015
Less than a mile away, lies the Harn Homestead, where you can re-enact the Oklahoma Land Run and experience Oklahoma's territorial days...another integral piece in Oklahoma City history!

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