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Tuesday, May 12

The Sweetest Thing (U2)

Tiny Steps Tuesday : Don't Drink Your Sugar

About a third of sugar that we consume comes from sugary beverages. That is A LOT.  This week, take a look at what you're drinking.  Sugar is sugar - whether it's stevia, high fructose corn syrup, or granulated sugar.  Granted, we do need some sugar, and not all sugars are created equal, but they do all cause inflammation in your body.  

Juice, in particular, is a little bit more insidious and a concern in our excessive sugar intake in our diet.  We think of juice as being healthy, but think of it this way....It would be hard to eat six oranges. But when you make it into juice, it becomes easier to consume what could have been a good substance, but in excess.

Take it to the Next Level

If you're already eliminating sugary beverages, try eliminating sugar in other nutritional areas.  Minimize your intake of processed foods, which usually have added sugars.  Also, steer clear of low-fat and fat-free foods --- how do you think they make them taste edible???  Sugar. 
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