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Monday, May 11

S is for Smiling Sunrise : A book review

Have you ever noticed how many alphabet books there are???  When we were told that we would be reviewing an alphabet book, I wasn't that excited.  However, my first impression was to be changed!  This book is SO not your average alphabet book....if you have littles, it's worth checking into!
The author of S is for Smiling Sunrise, Vick Wadhwa, was inspired to write a children's alphabet book that taught values and morals at a preschool level.  This book, offered by Wordsbright, is appropriate for children aged three to eight.  The company also offers a fantastic set of teaching resources (which are free!) geared at two different age levels.  Readers can download preschool or K-3 resources directly from the website to accompany the book.

The first thing I noticed about the book was how colorful and engaging it was.  Each page is brightly decorated, but it is not too busy that it overshadows the content.  The words are large and bold, perfect for beginning readers.  While my third grade son, who is an excellent reader, felt that it was "too babyish," my first grader was pretty excited to be able to just pick up the book and read it himself.  We read it aloud together a couple of times.

While the book itself may have been too young for my older one, the concepts were not.  As a family, we sat down (trusty educator guide for older children tucked in beside me for a reference) and discussed each of the concepts listed on the alphabetical pages.  Some of them were super simple, like Flowers, while others were a little more advanced, like Virtues.

If the children were a little bit younger, this would be a fabulous book for a nightly bedtime story.  However, mine are right at the cusp.  While it's appropriate for the younger one, he is at the stage where he only wants to do what his brother enjoys.  I happen to know of someone who will soon have two little girls under the age of three, and this book is going to make a wonderful gift for the new-big-sister!  If you have littles, this is one alphabet book that you're going to want to add to your library!

Likes :
  • Large, bold-faced print
  • Bright, engaging pictures
  • Pictures do not distract
  • Two different teaching guides (based on age)
  • Free resources
Dislikes :
  •  Other than being a bit young for my own children, none

If you want to check out the book in more detail, you can learn more about S is for Smiling Sunrise by visiting them at their website.

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