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Tuesday, May 19

Let's Talk About Sex (Salt & Pepa)

Have you had "the talk" yet?  In a perfect world I would have ignored the subject until my kids were older . . . much, forty. But we live in an imperfect world, where kids are exposed to things on a daily basis, no matter how much we try to shelter them.  

Our kids need to know how to respond if they are ever faced with an uncomfortable situation...and if we don't talk with them, they are very likely to get incorrect information from their friends, or worse, the internet.

It’s so important to sit down and talk to your kids about the hard stuff so they understand that it’s okay to say no sometimes. It’s okay to tell a grown-up to stop if they are doing something that makes them uncomfortable. It’s okay to feel empowered and take charge of your own body.

I was recently introduced to a series of books from Educate and Empower Kids called 30 Days of Sex Talks. This series of three books is designed to give you conversation starters and age-appropriate facts to share with your child, starting as young as three years old.

Each conversation is designed to be simple, parent-directed, and layered over time. I’m a firm believer that we need to give kids bits of information and build on that information slowly over time, especially for some of the harder topics. Kids can understand so much more than we give them credit for but they need time to process the information. This series takes that into account and allows kids to learn where they are at.

The first book in the series covers the very basics. It starts with stuff like talking with kids about what is private and what isn’t. Some topics you have probably vaguely brought up with your kids, but while going through this book, I was surprised at how many things I thought I’d talked about with them, but hadn't.  Things that I had just taken for granted that they knew.  The second book digs a little deeper, touching on anatomy and puberty.  The third book goes even deeper, looking at current trends such as social media.

I love that this series covers more than just sex. It covers emotional health, different kinds of love (i.e. romantic love, familial love, friendship), and ways to show healthy affection. These are such important things to talk to kids about but sometimes the hardest thing is knowing where to start the conversation. 30 Days of Sex Talks solves the problem of where to start for you and lets you jump in and start covering the important issues.
Ages 3-7                           Ages 8-11                        Ages 12+
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