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Friday, May 29

Less is More (Joss Stone)

It's absolutely necessary that our children learn about their bodies...not just from a 'common core' standpoint, but for life.  Our body are machines, and we need to know how they work.  But ugh - the textbook we began using was just so so was time to delve into some hands-on work...

The Basics : Cells
·                     Cake Cell - edible model
·                     Lapbook - Cells
·                     Games & Interactive Fun

The Basics : Anatomical Overview
·                     Human Body lapbook (pre-K)
·                     Human body lapbook (older kids)
·                     Games & Interactive Fun
·                     Owner's Guide to the Human Machine (curriculum - older kids)
·                     Body Bingo (grades 2-8)
·                     Inside the Human Body

Respiratory System
·                     Notebooking pages
·                     A Tour of Your Respiratory System
·                     Boss of the Plains & lapbook
·                     The Bobbin Girl & lapbook

Cardiovascular System
·                     Circulatory Game
·                     Notebooking pages
·                     Circulatory lapbook
·                     How Does My Heart Work?
·                     Magic School Bus Has a Heart

Skeletal System
·                     Skeletal lapbook
·                     Teeth lapbook
·                     Reading Comprehension & Activity
·                     X-Ray Play-do
·                     Edible Bone Model
·                     The Skeleton Inside You

Nervous System
·                     Brain Hemisphere activity
·                     How Do You Think?
·                     How the Brain Works
·                     The Effect of Drugs on the Brain

Hands-On Fun!
·                     The Body Book
·                     Young Scientist's Activity Kit
·                     Skeletons In the Closet game
·                     Anatomy Coloring Book
·                     3-D Models (we LOVE these!)
·                     Schoolhouse Rock - Science Rock
·                     Bill Nye the Science Guy : Circulation
·                     Bill Nye : Brain

·                     Bill Nye : Bones & Muscles
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