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Friday, March 20

Sweet & Low (Tedeschi Trucks)

My love of both chocolate and peanut butter combined comes directly through the maternal bloodline.  My grandmother created this recipe, and it was a staple of our Christmas 'junk food bar' every year.  Now that she is no longer around to make them, we've decided to try and 'clean up' the recipe a bit (click on ingredients to see our choices), leaving it a little bit healthier but every bit as tasty as the original!

Ingredients :
Directions :
  • Put chocolate squares into double boiler and melt them.
  • Spread peanut butter onto crackers, and use a second cracker to make 'sandwiches.'
  • Once chocolate is completely melted, place sandwiches into the bowl and cover completely in chocolate.
  • Carefully remove from chocolate and let cool on wax paper.  (To speed cooling, you can put them in the freezer.)
  • Slowly savor every bite!

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