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Thursday, March 5

Review : Home Art Studio Curriculum

What a blessing it was recently to be selected to review the new Home Art Studio art curriculum!  We received the 3rd grade program, since it fell nicely between the ages of the boys.  It was a great fit - not too easy for one, and not too much of a struggle for the other.  In fact, the kids enjoyed it so thoroughly that, after experiencing this one, I would be very interested to see some of the other levels!

Art is a subject that has been overlooked, in the formal sense, in our home.  While we do art projects regularly, there has been no formal art education here, and this filled a great hole in what I would term the kids' "background education."  
Ms Volin, the instructor, is both a mom and accredited Art Education Teacher.  She has created a set of clear, understandable lessons that require very little teacher prep.  The dvd is also a cd-rom containing lesson plans with a supply list.  I loved this feature because I was able to get everything prepared ahead of time, and then play it on the computer while the kids worked at the kitchen table.  I could keep an eye on everything while working on dinner over in the kitchen.

Home Art Studio is appropriate for Kindergarten through 5th grade.  There is also one disc with holiday-themed art projects.  Each disc contains about seventeen lessons, and the ones on our disc were all very different.  It's not all drawing, or painting, but a nice mix of different media.  She includes art history and art basics, but also incorporates science, math, and geography into the lessons.  The only trouble we had was that we had to keep pausing the lesson so that the kids could complete a particular instruction before moving on to the next one.  However, this is not enough to put us off from future lessons.

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Home Art Studio Offers:
  • Age-appropriate lessons - Designed for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.
  • A Complete Year of Instruction - Each program contains enough lessons for a complete traditional school year, one lesson per week.
  • Access to the Home Art Studio Community - Upload photos of your student's completed art projects for Ms. Volin to comment on, or access additional lesson plans and tips for you!
  • An Easy Approach - You don't need to feel intimidated by teaching art. Provide your student with the supplies they need, turn on the DVD and let the fun begin!
  • PDF of Lessons - In addition to the DVD lessons, you get written versions (PDF format) of every lesson plan available to you on the DVDs.
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