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Wednesday, February 4

Tennessee (Arrested Development)

Pit Stop in Nashville, TN 


If you're traveling through Tennessee, I highly recommend a stop in Nashville to go by Centennial Park.  We've driven through Nashville twice on our travels across the country, and stopped there both times for some great lessons.

Your first stop should be by the replica of the Parthenon.  You can pay around $5 to go in (I think) and see the replica Athena statue, but you can get a great history lesson without going inside.

When we visited we had just finished our study of Ancient Greece, so we took some time to study the friezes on the pediment of the temple.  Take some time to identify the gods and goddesses as you look at them.  Next identify what type of column was used to build the Parthenon.
From the Parthenon, head over to the obelisk that's going to be to your left on the backside of the Parthenon.  This park was created to celebrate Nashville's Centennial, and they've got an amazing historical monument celebrating the achievements of Nashville.  Take some time to see what they considered to be important about their town.

Centennial Park

After that your kids might need a break from all that learning, so spend a few minutes just running around on the playgrounds there.  

If you still have time, you can start walking back towards the Parthenon and pass it to see the botanical gardens in the area.  We had quite a fun time wandering around in springtime and observing the flowers as the kids happily ran around pretending to fight great wars.
If you keep going, you can find a wonderfully preserved train engine you can climb around on, and a few jets you can observe (not climb on).

Centennial Park makes a great stop in the middle of the day if you're driving cross country, and I love that you can get a lot of learning out of it without paying a dime.  I highly recommend a short detour to visit the park and have a delightful picnic.

Today's guest blogger, Ticia, is a homeschooling Mom to three elementary kids, twin boys and their younger sister.  Ticia blogs at Adventures in Mommydom, where she shares their hands on learning ideas and their adventures in life.  You can find her at Pinterest, G+, twitter, and Facebook.
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