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Tuesday, February 10

Taking a Chance on Love (Janice Hagan)

Did you know that having healthy relationships has a bigger impact on your well-being than diet, stress, smoking, drugs, exercise, and genetics???  In Love & Survival, Dean Ornish, M.D., says that isolation increases our likelihood of engaging in detrimental health choices.  In other words, in the words of the Beatles, All You Need is Love!

In this digital age, interpersonal communications have become passe.  If you do only one thing this week, make it this :


Seriously.  I don't own one, and this gives me the unique perspective of being able to look around at restaurants, stores, and literally every single place that we go and see people just glued to their phones.  Teenagers are sitting in a silent group....everyone is on their device.  Couples are out on date night....and they're both on their devices.  Families are out for dinner....the kids are entertaining themselves while their parents are technologically-engaged (or, if the kids are older, all of them are engaged).  Please - for the sake of the future of humanity, declare couple-time and family time "tech-free."

Great graphic from

Take it to the Next Level

This week, take stock of those around you.  Do you feel as though you have mutual respect and trust?  If not, try to limit those interactions.  Granted, in the case of family and work, oftentimes that's a difficult thing to accomplish.  In this case, it is best to set clear boundaries.
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