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Thursday, February 12

Something to Talk About (Bonnie Raitt)

A few months ago, we brought you some free, basic speech therapy resources, hoping to help others as we continue our long walk on the path to better speech.  Today we want to bring you some sound-specific activities and a new speech resource that has become the new favorite!  
The speech wheel is a wonderful way to practice history, geography, science, and current events in the framework of speech therapy.  That's not how we started out, but it quickly morphed into a cross-curricular exercise, as my son latched onto it with fervor.
Some days, he'll tell us what's going on in the United States or across the world (thank you, Little Passports, for the awesome maps!!).  Other days, we'll get the weather report.  Here, he is giving us the standard Oklahoma winter-weather report....including sixty degree temperature swings!  He's very loyal about always pretending to be from the same news station, too, ever since he got to meet their helicopter pilot.  LOL

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