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Monday, February 9

Our Lips are Sealed (Go-Gos)

Homemade Herbal Lip Balm

Ingredients :
One of our sunshine girls usually sends my son's favorite Green Tea Mints.  They come in the great little tins, which were the perfect size for lip balm!  We took the labels off of them and prepped them to re-use as containers.
Using your double boiler, get the water boiling in the lower pot.  Place the bowl inside and 16 oz beeswax pellets into the bowl.  Add 1 cup of oil.  Slowly melt the ingredients together, stirring regularly to keep them smooth.  When they become one liquid, mix in 2 tbsp freshly-crushed mint leaves or 20 drops peppermint oil
Stir the flavoring in well, then begin the process of filling your tins.  This is a hot job, and not one for the kids!  Carefully spoon the liquid into the tins and set to cool.  Allow them to cool for a day before placing the lids on them, to prevent condensation. 
 We had a 'fail' the first time we attempted this.  We filled the containers to the top and most of the wax ran out.  As you can see, there were tiny holes in the side of the tins.  On the second attempt, we only filled to the holes, and had no issues whatsoever.  If you have trouble, the wax can be re-melted for you to try again.  (I would recommend doing it sooner, rather than later.) 
 When you're all done, use some soap, water, and a scrub brush to get the wax off of your metal bowl.  We stuck the bowl into the freezer first, to allow it to harden, and then used cold water.  This made it much easier to remove!
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