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Tuesday, February 3

Fun & Games (Connells)

 If you learn to read nutrition labels, you will have a much better basis for making healthy choices.  It's not just about the label though, you also need to read the ingredients list.  If there are more than five or six ingredients, OR if your third-grader can't read the ingredients, then it's probably not a wise food choice.

  • Look at the serving size  (Are you really only going to eat five potato chips?)
  •            Note how many calories are in each serving.  Now multiply that to a realistic serving.
  • Aim for a high amount of fiber.  It will help move digestion and will balance blood sugars.  
  •            Sugar has many sneaky names....use the chart below to educate yourself.

Take it to the Next Level

Take the kids to the grocery store and teach them how to read nutrition labels.  Pick out a few items that you regularly buy, and compare the labels for the regular item, store-brand item, and organic /  healthier version of the same item.  Try to make one or two healthier shopping choices.

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