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Tuesday, January 20

Mind Games (John Lennon)

Tiny Steps Tuesday : Pay Attention to Your Food

Have you ever stopped to consider why you were eating?  Are you eating for hunger?  Because it is the socially-appropriate thing to do?  Because you are bored?  According to the author of Mindless Eating : Why We Eat More Than We Think, the mind makes food-related decisions, more than 200 a day, and many of them without pause for actual thought!

Most people do not consider food with attention and intention - that is, most people do not eat slowly, without distraction.  

This week, your challenge is to be mindful of your patterns.  I want you to answer each of these questions at least once each day...

  • Why am I eating?  (Emotions, or hunger?)
  • When do I feel like eating?  (Natural rhythms)
  • What do I want to eat - given all possible options?
  • Where do I eat?  Also, where does the fuel go?  (Exercise?)
  • How do I eat?  (Do you drink your calories?)
  • How much do I eat?  

Take it to the Next Level

Keep a food diary for a week, and notice the patterns that emerge.  Jot down the following for each entry :
  • What you ate
  • How you were feeling just prior to eating
  • What time you ate
  • What else you did while eating
  • How hungry were you just prior to eating
You just might be surprised at what you discover!!
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