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Monday, November 3

Give a Little Bit (Supertramp)

Many of you have heard me tout the benefits of charitable organization, The Book Samaritan.  This holiday season, would you consider reaching out to others???


The Book Samaritan, in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, is a non-profit organization, run by one lady and her mother, that helps out homeschooling families by loaning texts, curriculum, and supplies.  It is run completely on donations of materials, supplies, and time. 
(image credit to More 2 Les)
Her only stipulation?  In return, we ask only that when the recipient is finished, they pass along the material to another homeschooling family for free or return the items to The Book Samaritan for redistribution.  Being able to borrow curriculum takes a huge burden off the shoulders of homeschooling families; it is only right to pass on that opportunity to other families. 
The thing about a place like the Book Samaritan, however, is that is DOES require donations to be able to help others.  If you have homeschool materials of any kind (and I do mean ANY kind), would you please consider mailing them to this organization?  This includes curriculum pieces, workbooks, hands-on materials, manipulatives, labs, reading books, chapter books, teacher resources, art & music supplies, bible materials, CDs, DVDs, audiotapes, ......just about anything you can think of for homeschooling.  Your contributions of time, money, or materials are all tax deductible. 
If you don't have materials, but believe in her mission, do you have an extra $20 that you could spare?  100% of all donations are used to purchase books and materials.  She also mails these materials out all over the US, and her church covers the shipping.  Folks - this can get expensive quickly!!
Finally, her greatest need is the donation of time.  I realize that this is also the most difficult need to fill.  Even we are unable to help out here, as we live so far away that we could only stop en route to another trip.  But if you live anywhere near Pawhuska, could you spare an afternoon to help fill boxes?  In the three hours we were there, the lady and her mother filled eight boxes (BIG boxes) to help out families in need.  We helped pull wishlist books for her from the different rooms, but it wasn't enough to put a dent in the list of families needing help.  Any time you can offer would help.

If you would like to mail materials or donations, please send them to :
Book Samaritan
1715 Grandview Ave
Pawhuska,OK 74056

You can also make monetary donations online at her site, here.  

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