Wednesday, November 19

Come Fly With Me (Frank Sinatra)

We couldn't visit the Outer Banks, home of the first airplane flight, and NOT visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial.  My littlest bugaboo is an airplane fanatic, and rightly's in his genes! 
It was a bitterly cold day, so we started inside...learning the mechanics and physics of flight, and then seeing a mock-up of the first successful airplane.  The boys got their missions to join the Junior Ranger program, and we spent a while working on those. 
Once outside, we saw the barns and structures where the Wright Brothers lived and worked on the plane's construction.  Their workspace was considerably larger than the living area!
We stood on the spot where Orville Wright jumped aboard the first plane and took off, that fateful windy December 17th.  The more the boys learned about the Wright Brothers, the more they began to identify with them.  One was outgoing and imaginative, while the other was the quiet, engineering type.  It took them both to take this crazy idea and make it work!  
We hiked the distance up to, and around, the memorial.  Don't be fooled - it's longer than it looks!  We finally warmed up on the hike! 
Looking down from the hill, you can see both the Atlantic Ocean and the inter-coastal's peaceful and beautiful.

Behind the memorial is a metal replica of the airplane that kids can climb on.  We all took turns flying with Wilbur.

Back inside, the boys completed their Junior Ranger requirements, and we headed off for another beach adventure!
First Flight unit :
We dedicate this visit to "Pepe" Landry, our personal patriarch of aviation...

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Shirley Wood said...

Visiting the historic places while traveling is always my favorite part of the trip. I'd love to visit Kitty Hawk and the Wright Brothers Memorial.