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Sunday, October 5

Last Great American (Five for Fighting)

"School" looks different everywhere.  In some places, children make dangerous treks to school each day just for the privilege of an education.  My kids only have to stumble out of bed each morning, whether at home or in a hotel room, and zombie their way to the kitchen to begin their learning adventures. 
Perhaps, if they spent any length of time in one of these third-world countries, or even back in public school for a year, they'd realize exactly how good they've got it these days...
So, here's a photo-journal of what passes for school at our house, as told through the eyes of Norman Rockwell, one of the greatest Americana artists of all time.

Spending time with our elders - learning a living history through their eyes

Spending time in the great outdoors & learning life skills

Reading & working on our daily school work


Travelling to new places

Community service & volunteering

Free time for play & exploration

Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts


Family time & togetherness  


Character building days 

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