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Monday, October 20

Come Together (Beatles)

Find out how you can easily get started with road-schooling here!
  • You wake up in the morning having no idea what city, or state, you are in.
  • You tell the kids you are going to a museum, zoo, gallery, etc, and they say but we where there last week...and you need to remind them that was 3 states ago.
  • You do the laundry and realize you've washed legos, caterpillars, ignious rock (lava) a collection of crystals, smashed pennies from 4 different states, and their latest Junior Ranger certificate - all items left in their pockets.
  • Your kids constantly ask what state you are in.
  • When you realize your milk is from one state, your frozen beef is from another and your eggs are from yet another.
  • Our family talks in "states" rather than "months". For example some families might say, "hey remember last Feb when we did xyz"... while my family says, "hey remember when we were in Montana and did xyz"
  • Perhaps knowing that different things in our coach are all from different states. this jacket from Arizona, this game from Alabama, this mug was from Montana, etc.
  • You know you're roadschooling when you've lose a sock every time you dry clothes in the dryer and each dryer is in a different state! I lost my green sock in TN, I lost my short sock in AL, missing one of my son's socks in ME, etc...
  • You realize you left a load of clothes in the dryer... 300 miles ago. Then trying to figure out how to have them shipped to you, but you aren't in one place long enough to receive mail.
  • Walk out of Walmart and not it do you not remember where you parked your giant truck, you have no idea what city or state you are even in.
  • You are learning all the Wal-Mart layouts after visiting hundreds of them around the country
  • You know what to expect when changing elevations...the milk jugs, chip bags, and all other sealed containers expand our contract.
  • Your account has address from over the country where you have had items delivered.
  • Your kids already have the concept of an elevator speech down pat. "Where are you from?" "We are on a 2 year road trip around the US blah blah blah"
  • You're talking to a lady at the Waco Tractor Supply Store, and she asks you where you are going next. You say, "Waco, Texas." When she gives you a weird look, you say, "I'm in Waco, TX, aren't I?"
  • You hoard quarters for doing laundry at the next stop.
  •  You keep changing the radio station every hour, not because the music is bad, but because you keep driving out of range.
  • You give up and put on audiobooks for the duration.
  • You get your seasons get confused.
  • Your 2- year- old sees a bathtub, looks confused, and asks what it is.
  • You tell your kids we can come back another day to a place and they both say in unison "but we won't be in this city again."
  • Your son asks whether they take pesos or colones at the market.
  • ..............................................what would you add to this list????
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